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Tree Care Services

At Griffin’s Tree Care, we offer a variety of services in order to properly care for your trees and shrubs. We understand that when trees are properly cared for, they will remain healthy, and this can also benefit the look and value of your property. Some of our services include:

  • Tree pruning services. The cornerstone to any good tree care program is tree pruning and trimming. These services are crucial for stimulating growth, sustaining tree health, and helping your trees to retain their natural appearance.
  • Tree fertilization services. If your trees don’t seem to be growing as you would expect them to, give us a call. Our arborist training can help us to determine if your trees need additional nutrients or if they are suffering from damage due to insects, disease, or weather.
  • Emergency services. We offer 24 hour emergency service in the event that severe weather causes a tree to fall, potentially damaging property or blocking roadways.

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Tree Care Services
Griffin's Tree Care